The history of Stetteneck


in the beginning

In 1913, the master butcher Johann Hans Sanoner I builds the Stetteneck in Tyrolean Art Nouveau style to house a butcher’s shop, flats and the K&K post office.


World War I

In 1915, Hans I is killed in war only one year after the birth of his son Johann Hans Sanoner II. With the help of her brother-in-law Josef, owner of the Adler, his widow Fanny continues to run the butcher’s shop and the K&K army officers’ mess, which was set up here during WWI.


Zweite Generation und der Zweite Weltkrieg

In 1935 Hans II takes over the Stetteneck and converts it into the Adler Dependance in 1938. During WW II it serves as a military hospital and is given the only air-raid shelter in the Dolomites. 1948 Leo († 1971), 1952 Elisabeth and 1955 Josef Hans Sanoner III are born.


Transformation to a hotel

Shortly after turning the Stetteneck into a B&B, Hans II dies aged 50 in 1964. His widow Irene continues to run the business, turning it in to a proper hotel in 1972.


The Third Generation

In 1993 Hans III, supported by his sister Elisabeth, takes over the management of the Classic Hotel am Stetteneck.


The Fourth Generation

In 2021, Hans III and Elisabeth hand over the Stetteneck to their great-nephew Nils Demetz, a grandson of Irene’s twin sister Mali and Martin Demetz Jr, owners of the nearby Hotel Angelo Engel.

Eine Reise in die Vergangenheit