character & particularity

a historic mansion

  • 1911 demolition of the "Purger" barn
  • 1913 completion of the Stetteneck building, housing the Royal & Imperial Post Office, and apartments for the postmaster and the owner's family. A sausage factory with a butcher shop was in the ground floor and basement
  • 1915-18 World War I: headquarters of the Royal & Imperial Army during the conflict in the Dolomites
  • 1938 general renovation and creation of a hotel-dependance with family suites, 13 bathrooms, and a “modern” telephone system
  • 1942-45 World War II: military hospital, with a White and Red Cross rooftop
  • 1962 general renovation and, since the 1960’s, continuous modernizations while maintaining the original founder's concept of a cosy, alpine holiday home

a journey into the past